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High performance beam position monitor electronics for electron circular machines

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Libera Brilliance+ enables beam signal processing and fast global orbit feedback building.


Usability BASE logotip

  • Universal tool for fast commissioning and machine-physics studies
  • Unique instrument for characterization and optimization of the machine
  • Reliable monitoring and control of regular machine operation
  • Continuous functioning in all operation modes
  • Control system interfaces: EPICS, TANGO or user defined


Feature highlights

  • Detailed first-turn single bunch measurement with raw ADC and turn-by-turn data
  • Frequency Domain Processing
  • Parallel Time Domain Processing for precise measurements with single bunch / short fill pattern
  • Deep memory buffers for offline studies
  • All data buffers / streams are accessible simultaneously


Performance specification

  • Turn-by-turn resolution: < 0.5 µm typical value (0 dBm, ~ 300 kHz revolution frequency)
  • Slow monitoring resolution: ~10 nm typical value(0 dBm, 10 S/s)
  • Beam current dependence: 1 µm (0 dBm --> -50 dBm)



  • 2U form factor with up to 4 processor modules (BPM)
  • Open resources for user-developed applications
  • Adaptive configuration and scalable design
  • Build the fast orbit feedback using a dedicated GDX module with powerful VirtexTM 6


Latest technology embedded 

  • 16-bit ADCs
  • GbE interface
  • COM Express module with Intel Atom N270 (x86), upgradable
  • 4x 6.5 Gbps Rocket I/O



Supplementary products

Signal generator for optimal testing and SW development.
RF&Clock Generator
Electronic switch intended for electronic switching of various signals.
RF Gate
Implemented into Libera Brilliance+ enables fast global orbit feedback.
GDX Module

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