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How do Libera Sync 3 Transmitter and Receiver unit communicate with each other?


Libera Sync 3 Transmitter and Receiver unit communicate with each other over two UDP ports 1234 (from tx to rx) and 1235 (from rx to tx) using TCP/IP protocol.


How can a user connect with Libera Sync 3 to read relevant data and status?


Users can connect over a telnet-like connection on TCP port 23.


Does Libera Sync 3 support DHCP?


Libera Sync 3 has support for both DHCP and static network configuration.


Should a user use DHCP?


The DHCP protocol assigns an available IP to the device from a pool of available addresses. To ensure that Libera Sync 3 Transmitter and Receiver units properly work, they must have an established connection. If DHCP is used, it should be configured in way that assigns a predefined IP to each device. The device can be identified by its unique MAC address. Assuming that DHCP assigns the same IP at each restart and lease time is usually too optimistic. It can happen that the device changes its IP during operation if the DHCP lease time is timed out. If the connection between the Libera Sync 3 Transmitter and Receiver units is offline for too long, the units shut down. This time-out is 15 min by default, but can be extended upon request.


What network settings are advised?


If the network policy allows static IPs, a unique static IP can be assigned for each Libera Sync 3 unit and placed on the same subnet. Consult the Libera Sync 3 user manual on how to configure the network.


What network does Libera Sync 3 require? Is a separate network needed?


Devices can operate on the same network, but can also communicate over different networks and subnets. They can also communicate through firewalls as long as the firewalls allow UDP transport over ports 1234 and 1235. Direct communication over networks that require authentication protocols and encryption, for example IPSec, is not supported.

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