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Frequently asked questiones


Is Libera Photon compatible with my sensors?


Libera Photon is compatible with current-output sensors. The maximum currents can be up to 1.85 mA per channel.


Can I still use external BIAS source for my sensors?


Yes, Libera Photon can work also with external BIAS source. The correct connection scheme is described in Technical Specifications and User Manual.


Can Libera Photon work with positive and negative currents?




My sensors have significant dark (leakage) currents. How do they affect the measurement?


If needed, Libera Photon can eliminate the dark current from the position calculation formula.


I have to change the gap frequently. Does Libera Photon support gap changes or how can this be handled?


The scale parameters (coefficients, offsets) can be set by the Control System as the gap changes. Alternatively, predefined settings can be stored locally in the instrument. When gap changes, Control System shall send the notification about the gap value.


Can I use Libera Photon in the user station at the end of the beamline?


Yes, as long as the sensors have proper output.


How can I interface to Libera Photon? Currently, I use Matlab.


One of the connecting possibilities is also Matlab. The access is done through ssh connection. In case Linux OS is used, the remote access is possible (much faster).
On the other side, EPICS or Tango is recommended. In case of EPICS, we provide EDM screens to control the unit.


I have 2-blade sensor configuration (vertical position only). Does Libera Photon support such configuration?


Yes, there are 3 calculation formulas implemented (selectable): X/Y position and Y1/Y2 positions (one of them is log).


I want to use Libera Photon in combination with electron BPMs in the storage ring. How can I synchronize acquisitions?


Libera Photon has the Trigger input. The acquisition can be done on-trigger. Furthermore, if Libera Electron/Brilliance/Brilliance+ instruments are installed in the storage ring, the full synchronization can be done using MC input (Machine Clock). In this case, Libera Photon can operate also in offset-tuned conditions.


I want to install local feedback in the beamline. Is it possible?


Libera Photon provides data to the Control System but also through real-time I/O ports (SFP slots). One can decide, which data to use. We suggest to use so called FA data, which is streamed out SFP slots and can be grouped within multiple Libera instruments. The benefit is that the data is fully synchronized and can be easily read out with standard PC or sophisticated server.

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