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Down Converter for 500 MHz Libera Units



The DWC-SP circuit is the electronic down converter intended for the high quality electronic down conversion of RF signals.

It was designed for usage as an external down converting front-end for the Libera 500 MHz BPM units. The DWC-SP unit is tuned for the down conversion of the 2856 MHz signal to 500 MHz. If you require different frequencies, we can customize it to your specifications.




Technical Reference (case - down conversion from 2856 MHz to 500 MHz signal):


Product code:

BL31HI-BC01-XXX   (XXX=Serial no.)


Supply voltage:


 6 V DC


RF Input connector:




RF Input frequency:


 2856 MHz


RF Input power:   


 Max 25 dBm


LO Input connector:   




LO Input frequency:


 2356 MHz


LO Input power:


 5 dBm


RF output connector:




RF output frequency:


 500 MHz


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