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Modifications – to address accelerator's specifics.

We know that no two accelerators are the same. Therefore, minor or more profound modifications can be needed to optimize instruments for the best operation. Or you identify that there is another type or set of measurements that would help you in better control of the accelerator. We can help you with whatever your software or hardware needs are.



Our range of modification services includes: 

  • Reconfiguration – when you identify the need to reconfigure the instrument for different measurement parameters, either in the configuration file and/or in hardware. This is all possible and we can do it for you.
  • Modification study – when you see the potential changing the instrument's hardware or software or both to utilize specific measurements, we need to evaluate the possibilities and effort needed. For such projects, study is needed.
  • Customization – covers the customization of the instruments design (hardware and/or software) to address specific needs for measurements at the accelerator. Typical is the sampling frequency, input RF, input levels, etc.
  • Software Upgrade – when a new software release is available, we can upload it to the instruments employed remotely or on-site.
  • Software Release – when you have specific needs that would require minor software changes in the application, we can implement them and compile the software for you.

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