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Maintenance – taking care of your instruments.

Instrumentation Technologies provides several packages to support you in maintaining your instruments — from basic monitoring to preventive maintenance and repairs. It is our goal that your instruments would serve you well over the time they are needed to operate with your accelerator.


Our range of maintenance services includes:

  • Health checking – we can check the status of your instrument, even remotely. It will tell us if there is something wrong with the instrument platform, such as overheating, incorrect data output, etc.
  • Diagnostics – includes status checking, but within diagnostics we also check the instrument's functionality. With this, we can identify any problem in the application. This needs to be done before attempting repairs or corrective maintenance.
  • Repair – includes the diagnostics, and we restore the functionality of the unit. It can be done either on-site, or at Instrumentation Technologies. After each repair, the unit is tested to verify its functionality.
  • Preventive maintenance – in our instruments, this is usually to perform a health check or to periodically replace worn parts, and it serves the purpose of identifying possible faults before they cause problems during normal operation. With it, more reliable operation is assured.
  • Corrective maintenance – is the service that is undertaken when necessary improvements to the instruments functionality or the hardware platform are available to assure the best and long-lasting operation of the unit. After each corrective maintenance service, the unit is tested to verify its functionality and performance.
  • Testing – is done to verify its functionality and performance.

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