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Development – adding our expertise in development to your expertise and knowledge.

We offer you expertise gained over 15 years working in developing electronics with high and low level software, which we now offer to perform joint or dedicated development.


  working together


Do you have to develop systems that would with the expertise in:

  • Analogue electronic circuits – up to 12 GHz RF signal processing with shielding solutions on up to 20 layer PCBs;
  • Digital electronics engineering;
  • Optical fiber / optics utilization – RF to optical signal and reversed transformation with processing;
  • High and Low Level Software – C/C++, OS Kernel, Embedded systems, high performance computing, GUI, remote interfaces, modules for complete vertical SW environment for µTCA – instrumentation and control;
  • Extensive FPGA programming also for real time DSP;
  • User specific applications and solutions – control systems, SW defined radio, etc.;
  • Support and consulting for industrialization;
  • Cost-optimized low series production;
  • Cost-optimized large series production;
  • Control System Integration?  


Contact us to help you resolve your challenge.


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