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Assistance – we know our instruments and can help you use them.

Training can be an interesting option for getting the most out of your instruments. Various packages are available to best suit your needs: from installation to integration and commissioning. Additional training can also include assistance in tests and specific measurements on the accelerator.



Our range of assistance services includes:

  • On-site testing – if you would like to test the performance or alternative use of our instruments, we can prepare the scope and joint testing on-site. During this, available instrumentation can be used, or we can bring our own.
  • Demonstration – when you are not sure if the instrument is suitable for your needs, let us show its capabilities to you and your team at the accelerator. You will be able to more easily make a better decision.
  • Commissioning assistance – by knowing our instruments' performances and use, we can help you making commissioning faster. At the same time, additional information about the instrument can be learned. Also, the instrument's alternative uses (known to our experts) can be beneficial during the commissioning of the instrument and other systems.
  • Installation assistance – when you need to connect the units into the system, we can help you with that. This will be probably faster and less stressful.
  • Integration into control system assistance – might include some minor SW changes / enhancements that make integration easier for you. It doesn't require the presence of an Instrumentation Technologies engineer on-site.
  • Measurements – measurements on/with the instrument under specific conditions, such as temperature controlled environment. Typically to verify the instrument's performance under such conditions.
  • On-site measurements – when you need to conduct special measurements on/with the instrument that need an accelerator to perform them. When the measurements can't be emulated in the lab or you are interested in the accelerator's specifics as a whole or its subsystems that you would like to confirm with measurements, we will be glad to assist you with that utilizing our instruments on-site.
  • Training – when you and your colleagues need to become familiar with our instruments. We can organize trainings at Instrumentation Technologies, where you will also benefit from the additional experience of learning where and how the instruments are made, or we can do it on-site. In both cases, training covers what you need and what we agree on in advance. It is theoretical, but with hands-on experience.
  • Specifications and requirements definition – if you require help with the measurements and analysis of the measurements to identify the requirements for your accelerator and then preparation of specifications based on such analysis, this is the solution you are looking for.


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