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Libera Workshop

Libera Workshop 2016

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It is our pleasure to announce the 12th Libera Workshop, which will be held from June 8 to 10, 2016 at Grad Kromberk, Nova Gorica, Slovenia.

The Libera Workshop is one of the main opportunities to meet and exchange knowledge with experts in beam diagnostics and data acquisition systems for particle accelerators. Participants learn about new applications and digital signal processing techniques based on the newly available technologies and have the chance to present the status of their projects. It is also an opportunity to attend a demonstration of one or more Libera solutions and take part in intensive training.

The baseline for this year's workshop is “Libera as a partner”. After more than 15 years in the particle accelerator field, we can proudly say that Libera is considered the benchmark for data processing and acquisition systems, and this result would have never been achieved without your contribution.

Besides the solutions that were developed along the way, we gained the experience that makes us more than just providers of electronics boards, but rather a collaborative partner whenever reliable electronics are required. We have found ourselves capable of understanding applications we were unfamiliar with, and we have produced and tested systems we didn't design. We have made fertile ground for collaborations between institutes, the industry, and universities. Is this taking Libera to the next level?

As usual, the workshop will focus on your experience and challenges. As we see it, some of the highlights include:
-    The new Libera family is ready and embraces new applications – BPM electronics Beam Loss Monitors, Digitizers, X-Ray BPM electronics, Cavity BPM electronics
-    Light Sources: The future of the high-performance electronics
-    Maintaining an instrument-platform: something you wouldn't imagine
-    How we designed the first temperature-stabilized LLRF
-    Exploring whether industry and institutes can engage in long-term collaborations

The workshop itself will be a one-day event held on June 9. It will be preceded by training sessions and Libera instrument demonstrations on June 8 (optional attendance). Satellite meetings are planned for June 10, upon prior arrangement.





For more information on Libera Workshop 2016, please contact us.



Applicants for registration should complete and submit the form below (failure to press ‘Submit’ will cause your entries to be lost). Once you have completed the application form, you will receive an email with further instructions.

If you have any problems completing the form, please contact us.




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The 12th Libera Workshop will be held at Grad Kromberk, a renovated Renaissance fortress that stands on a hill on the edge of Nova Gorica. It is surrounded by beautiful parkland and by vineyards producing distinctive local wines.



Grad Kromberk


Grad Kromberk
Grad Kromberk
Grad Kromberk Grad Kromberk

Photo Author: Katarina Brešan


Grad Kromberk
Grajska cesta 1,
5000 Nova Gorica, Slovenia

GPS: 45.961688, 13.685972



Please download here the pdf file of Libera Workshop 2016 Program (30. 5. 2016).



Libera Workshop 2016 Program (30. 5. 2016)

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