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Libera Workshop

The Libera Workshop is an opportunity to network with experts from the accelerator field and to explore how to optimise beam stability from injection to the end-station.


Participants will learn about the use of Libera instruments at different accelerators around the world, and obtain practical experience as well as intensive training. The workshop will focus on applications that use the Libera family of instruments – state-of-the-art instrumentation systems used for diagnostics and beam stabilisation at particle accelerators.


Libera Workshop 2016



It is our pleasure to announce the 12th Libera Workshop, which will be held from June 8 to 10, 2016.


The workshop itself will be a one-day event held on June 9. It will be preceded by training sessions and Libera instrument demonstrations on June 8 (optional attendance). Satellite meetings are planned for June 10, upon prior arrangement.





For more information on Libera Workshop 2016, please contact us.



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